Steve claims that he desperately wants to have a relationship with his two young sons but that his ex-wife, Lisa, is a lying drama queen who has tied him up in court, created extra expenses and has prevented him from seeing their children.

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“The last time I got to hug and hold my boys was March of 2014. After that, I’ve been restricted from seeing them at all. It’s just a never-ending battle,” claims Steve. “Lisa was getting protection orders against me without any justification.”

Steve says that he was a very engaged dad and took care of their sons, despite Lisa claiming that he was an absentee father. “I took them everywhere because she didn’t want to do it,” Steve claims. “Lisa is delusional, narcissistic, and mentally disturbed.”

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Lisa, however, says that her five protection orders against Steve are justified because she claims he has been abusive toward her and their children. She claims Steve hasn’t made an effort to see the boys, and she wants him out of their lives for good.

Steve says his custody battle with Lisa has taken a “tremendous toll” on him. “She has created unnecessary court dates that lead to no resolution,” he claims. “I cry every day for my children.”

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