Brian claims that his ex, Libby, has been working to alienate their kids from him since their divorce six years ago. Libby claims that Brian has been harassing her with angry texts, DCFS investigations and restraining orders since they split up.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Conflict so big it needs a Dr. Phil solution? Dr. Phil discusses an incident in which Brian allegedly chased his daughter through her school when he showed up to take temporary custody of her after being granted a restraining order against Libby.

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“I did not chase anybody through the school. I had a responsibility based on that restraining order to collect my daughter from school that day,” says Brian, asking, “How should I have handled that?”

“Not by going to school, which is her social domain, and taking a domestic situation public with her in the school arena,” replies Dr. Phil.

Brian says all he wants is to sit down, look his children in the eyes and ask, “What did I do to you?” Will they give him a chance?

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