Jeremy is accusing his wife, Kelly, of poisoning him with borax, saying he believes she wants him out of the way so she can collect his life insurance and move to Florida with their kids. Jeremy also alleges that Kelly is a serial cheater, claiming she’s had multiple affairs – and – he says he even wonders if she may be a prostitute. “Was she out having sex for money? I don’t even want to think about that.”

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Kelly adamantly denies poisoning her husband and says she has never –ever– cheated on Jeremy. She says she has nothing to hide. “I have offered to take a lie-detector test; to show him my phone records to prove I have never spoken to another guy.”

Jeremy says he is also questioning whether he is the father of his children with Kelly. He claims he had a DNA test done, but the results weren’t clear, and now he’s questioning whether Kelly tampered with the results.

“How can I have tampered with results that – I didn’t even know the test was being done?” asks Kelly.

Dr. Phil reveals the DNA test results concluded there was a 99.99% probability that Jeremy is the biological father of the couple’s daughters.

Does Jeremy have good reason to suspect Kelly of poisoning and cheating on him, or is he “paranoid, depressed, and delusional,” as Kelly claims? Tune in to Dr. Phil on Friday. Find out where you can watch, here.

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