Taylor admits that she has lied to her family about pregnancies and miscarriages. Recently, she claims she was pregnant and allowed her mom to throw her a gender reveal party.

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“It appears to me that you really enjoyed being the center of attention there,” Dr. Phil says to Taylor after watching a video of the party.

“I think that’s probably true,” she agrees.

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Taylor’s mom, Janene, who says she’s angry about Taylor’s lying, confronts her daughter. “I’d be happy to throw you a party to show you how much we love you,” she says. “It is unfair to make up a baby for us to love so that you can have a nice party and feel loved.”
Hear Taylor’s response in the video above. And, Taylor’s sister, Breanna, questions Taylor about her behavior. How does she explain?
On Wednesday’s episode, learn what happened in Taylor’s past and how it may be affecting her behavior. Check here to see where you can watch.