Noema Alavez Perez says that on the afternoon of September 16, she took her two young children and younger sister to Bridgeton City Park in New Jersey. She says her 5-year-old daughter, Dulce, and 3-year-old son went running off to eat their ice cream and play while she and her sister sat in a parked car nearby. She says once she realized that she could no longer see the children, she went looking for them.

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Noema says she saw her son crying and couldn’t find Dulce anywhere.

“Take me through that moment where you flipped from being a mom that’s irritated that her daughter’s not coming when you call her, to realizing she’s not coming because she can’t,” Dr. Phil says in an exclusive interview airing Friday. “What went through your mind?”
“I didn’t want to believe that somebody had took her. I was in shock,” Noema tells him.

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In the video above, hear what girls who were playing basketball at the park reportedly told Noema. And, does she think her daughter would go off with a stranger?
Does Noema have any idea who may have kidnapped her daughter? Watch more of her exclusive interview with Dr. Phil on Friday. Check here to see where you can tune in.
If you have any information about the whereabouts of Dulce Maria Alavez, please call the Bridgeton Police Department at (856) 451-0033.