Pam, Lynn, Stephany, Barbara, Kathy and Patti are all moms who have suffered the loss of a son. The women say they are in disbelief that their young, healthy, smart children accidentally fell to their deaths, as they have been classified.

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“I never, in my wildest dreams, thought it would happen to my son, one, or to my family,” says Pam, whose son Dakota was found in a river after missing for 40 days.

“Todd was strong. Todd was healthy. Todd was not the kind of person that would have been abducted,” says Kathy about her son who was 22 at the time of his death. “If this could happen to my son, in our rural community, it could happen to anyone. I do not want this to happen to one more mother.”

WATCH: Why Six Mothers Say They’re Convinced Their Sons Were Murdered And Did Not Die Accidentally As Classified

The women say they want answers because they don’t believe their sons accidentally tripped into the water and drowned. They say they believe their sons were murdered.

Hear more of their stories in the video above, including what Pam says is the “suspicious” information that makes her believe Dakota’s death was not an accident. And, hear why Lynn says she also doesn’t believe her son, Will’s, death was accidental.

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