Ashley claims she thought telling people on social media that she was married to a firefighter would make her seem more credible when, in September 2018, she asked for donations to support actual firefighters embattled in Southern California’s “Holy Fire.”

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Orange County sheriff’s officials investigated Ashley but she hasn’t been charged. They allege the 28-year-old collected upwards of $11,000 in donated goods after creating a fictional husband, “Shane,” who she claimed was fighting the wildfires.

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Officials allege Ashley profited from selling what she collected, which she vehemently denies. “I donated as much as I possibly could,” she says in the video above.

What does Ashley say when Dr. Phil asks her why she told different stories to different people?

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'Everybody Lies. Some People Weaponize It’

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‘Everybody Lies. Some People Weaponize It’