“I met Tyler Perry through his official Facebook account,” says Karla who claims she’s been married to the entertainer for over two years. “I tried on many occasions to get him to meet me face-to-face, and for some reason, he always came up with some reason not to,” she claims.


Karla also claims she’s the biological mother of the actor’s 3-year-old son. “Though I don’t know how that would be possible since I didn’t donate any eggs to a clinic,” she admits.

Karla’s adult daughters, Kelly and Kourtney, insist their mom has been conned by an internet catfish who’s been impersonating Perry. They claim that over time, Karla has given nearly $100,000 away to her catfish; leaving her nearly broke.

“I am not doing well financially right now,” admits Karla, who says she doesn’t care if she gets her money back. Claiming she once worked for the Department of Homeland Security, Karla says she knows a scam when she sees one. “Do I believe I’m being scammed? No, I don’t believe I’m being scammed. My love for Tyler Perry is sincere, is real, and I mean that.”

How does Karla explain how she came to be married to a man she acknowledges she’s never met in person?

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