Jackie says that ever since her daughter, Shayla, went to college, she’s become an “empty mess-ter” and can no longer see the floor of her house because of all the clutter. She says she started recycling scrap metal, and it’s turned her home into a “hellhole torture chamber.”

“I have no place to sit in my house other than on my bed,” she says, noting that, in addition to an assortment of stuff filling up her four-bedroom house, her three-car garage is also “completely full.”

Jackie acknowledges that her relationship with Shayla has been strained because of the mess in her home.

“A lot of the things in my house hold sentimental value,” she says in the video above. “I don’t know how to let go.”

And later, Shayla says her mom kicked her out of the house several years ago, which Jackie adamantly denies. Can Dr. Phil help this mother and daughter repair their relationship?

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