Nicole says she thought she knew Carter, her husband of nearly two decades, and didn’t think he had any secrets to hide. But all that changed when Nicole says she uncovered a secret Carter has been keeping for years.

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“When I found out that my husband was having a four-year affair, I was yelling and screaming – just – an utter state of shock,” says Nicole, of the day she found explicit text messages between her husband and another man.

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Carter claims his affair with another man was just a sexual release, and that it means nothing to him. But Nicole says, “Right now, I don’t know who I’m married to. This is not going to work until we get completely to the bottom of it and get completely honest.”

What does Nicole say happened when she confronted Carter about the affair, and why does she insist that he’s lying to her?

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This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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