Danielle’s family and friends claim the 21-year-old takes recreational drugs but refuses to take any of her prescription medications, drives while intoxicated, and has violent rages in which she hurts herself and others.

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Danielle says she often feels out of control when she rages and says her parents have always told her to go for a walk whenever she gets angry. “But then whenever I try to go on a walk, they both follow me, especially my dad. I tell him, ‘Dad, I need to go on a walk. I need to calm down.’ He’ll go, ‘Get your ass in this house.’”

Danielle claims her father sometimes snaps his fingers at her as well. “It’s his favorite thing to do is snap at me like I’m a frigging dog,” she says. “I don’t like getting treated like one of his little Marines.”

After speaking with David, and Danielle’s mother, Lora, about chasing their daughter when she is in emotional distress, Dr. Phil assures them, “This isn’t about placing blame, it’s about figuring out responsibility, and what to do.”

Is there something deeper going on with Danielle? Tune in to Tuesday’s episode to find out what traumatic event she says she suffered, and how that may be affecting her current behaviors.

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