Victor claims his ex-wife, Brandi, is both verbally and physically abusive when she drinks.


The former couple, whose divorce was finalized recently, has two children together, but Brandi says she hasn’t seen them in about 10 months. She claims Victor has “brainwashed” their youngest son, turning him against her.

Victor says until Brandi gets help, he won’t expose the boy to her behaviors.

“I’ve been out of control for a while,” admits Brandi when Dr. Phil plays a video recording of the then 10-year-old child telling his mother, “I don’t like it when you say bad words to dad all the time, 24/7,” after a family night out.

How does she react when Dr. Phil shows Brandi her son’s response as she drives away from home while allegedly impaired?

Part one of this two-part episode airs Wednesday. Check your local listing here.

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