Heather claims her boyfriend, Collin, has “rules” for their relationship and says she’s tired of him trying to control her. She admits that Collin has put his hands on her, pushed her, and once bit her on the face, but says, “I don’t like to say he’s an abuser. I don’t look at him as an abuser.”

“When we’re talking about an abusive relationship – you are in an abusive relationship,” says Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin McGraw, to Heather in the video above. Robin is the founder and CEO of When Georgia Smiled, The Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil Foundation, which supports organizations and programs that build awareness, offer solutions, and address the needs of children and families to live healthy, safe, and joy-filled lives free of domestic violence and sexual assault.

And later, when Dr. Phil advises Heather that she’s in danger, does she take his advice to leave her relationship?

Watch more from Wednesday’s conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil, “Toxic Love: Will Heather Leave Collin?

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