Elke and Steven are grieving the loss of their 3-month-old son, Lucas, who died in May 2020 from a brain injury consistent with shaken baby syndrome. Steven says he is currently the subject of a homicide investigation into his child’s death.

“I don’t really have any strong alibi or defense that I can present for myself,” says Steven, who insists that he would never hurt his child.

“He’s going to take the fall for her if she doesn’t step up and tell the truth,” says Steven’s mother, Melissa. She claims that Elke, not Steven, is responsible for Lucas’s death.

Elke and Steven adamantly deny Melissa’s claim. Each insists the other would not have harmed their son.

Watch the recap of part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “’My 3-Month-Old Grandson Was Murdered; Who is To Blame?’” above.

And later, on Friday’s conclusion, “’Who Killed Baby Lucas?’,” Elke says she’s pregnant with the couple’s second child. How do she and Steven say they feel about having another baby?

Plus, learn more about shaken baby syndrome when Dr. Carole Jenny, Director of the Fellowship Program in Child Abuse Pediatrics at Seattle Children’s Hospital, joins the conversation.

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WATCH: “My 3-Month-Old Grandson Was Murdered; Who is To Blame?”

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