Sara claims her husband, Jason, has an uncontrollable temper that has resulted in both physical and verbal abuse toward her. Jason admits it and claims that violence and aggression are all he knows.

“I’m a monster,” says Jason. “I don’t talk things out. I don’t negotiate. I’m a dangerous person.”

Jason says that when he feels disrespected, he doesn’t care where he is or who the person is; he will use his hands to resolve the conflict.

“When I get angry – just hurting that person is my very first instinct,” he says.

Part one of this two-part episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“My Husband Can’t Control His Violent Temper’,” airs Tuesday. And later, Sara, Jason, and their children experienced a family tragedy in 2021. How does Sara say the loss of their 14-year-old daughter, Brylee, impacted her resolve to seek Dr. Phil’s help?

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WATCH: Woman Who Claims Her Husband Is Verbally And Physically Abusive Says, ‘He Can’t Control Himself’

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