Jen says she reached out to Dr. Phil for help on how to “untangle” her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Chris. The exes have a 3-year-old daughter together, and Jen claims shortly after she was born, Chris would leave for weeks and months, and that she has basically raised the little girl by herself.
Chris claims he’s changed and is ready to be an active parent and partner. However, when Dr. Phil asks him what he’s done to change, he says he’s only self-reflected on his behavior.

“I don’t think either one of you are mature enough to be in a relationship that’s serious at this point,” Dr. Phil says, noting that each of them is contaminating the relationship.
Hear his advice for both Jen and Chris in the video above.
This episode, "'My Dad Can’t Stand My Ex-Boyfriend,'" airs Thursday. Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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