Three siblings claim their mother neglected them while they were growing up. One claims she stole his childhood, and another claims she was never fit to be a parent. Dustin, Chance, and Nova claim their mother, Sonya, neglected them while they were growing up.

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“I don’t think my mom was ever fit to be a parent,” says Chance.

WATCH ‘I Wasn’t Capable Of Taking Care Of Them Anymore,’ Says Mom Accused Of Abandoning Her Kids

The siblings claim their mother had them living in a broken-down and bug infested house, hid food from them, and left them for weeks at a time.

“Because she was neglectful, I had to take care of my brother and sister,” says Dustin who claims his mother stole his childhood.

After Dustin left home, Chance and Nova claim that one winter, Sonya locked them out of the house before abandoning them altogether.

On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, the siblings come face-to-face with their mother for the first time in years. Does Sonya deny neglecting her kids?

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Mother Denies Children’s Claims Of Neglect