Lisa claims that when she was 2, she and her siblings were forced into the foster care system due to domestic violence and substance abuse issues in their family of origin. She says they were moved from group home to group home 36 times and claims they endured physical, emotional, financial, and even sexual abuse at the hands of their caretakers.

Lisa says that for her, the foster care system was “unstable, scary, and isolating,” and when she aged out at 18, she became homeless.

“I would stay on various people’s couches and occasionally, I would sleep outside or sleep in tents with other homeless people,” says Lisa. “I don’t want other kids to go through what I went through. I want the system to change for the better.”

Watch the video above to find out how Lisa says she was able to pull herself out of homelessness, earn a college degree, and find a career. What happened to her siblings?

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Aging Out Of Foster Care,” airs Tuesday. And later, Lisa gets the surprise of a lifetime thanks to Dr. Phil. Check your local listing to find out where to watch.