Jane admits to sending her online boyfriend, “Jonathan,” nearly $1 million dollars over the past 18 months, despite never having met him face-to-face. It’s an amount she says most of her friends and family are not aware of. “Everybody would say Jonathan’s a scammer,” says Jane. “I’m at the point that I just don’t want to hear it anymore.”

Jane’s best friend, Rebecca, says she has tried to warn Jane that “Jonathan” is conning her, but “No one’s going to tell Jane what to do. She’s going to take it to the end.”

Jane says she knows that “Jonathan” has lied to her in the past but insists she is going to continue with the relationship despite everyone else’s objections. “They can say all that they want. I’m not going to change my mind.”

How does Jane respond when Dr. Phil asks, “What is it about him that has you so head-over-heels in love when you’ve never met him?”

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “'I Sold My House for Online Love!',” airs Thursday. Then on Friday’s conclusion, “Part Two: Where is ‘Jonathan’ ?,” find out what happens when Dr. Phil sends a field producer to Miami to see if he can track down “Jonathan.”

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WATCH: Woman Admits Sending Nearly $1 Million To Online ‘Boyfriend’ Who Claims He’s Being Held ‘Hostage’ In Miami

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