Jodee claims her husband, Charlie, has a hoarding problem and has filled their home, vehicles, and outbuildings with junk over the last dozen years. Adding to her stress, says Jodee, she recently inherited another overpacked house after her mother died last year.

Jodee says her mother’s home has been sold and is currently in escrow, but they’ve only been able to get about half of her mother’s belongings out of the house so far, and the storage unit they’ve rented is nearly full.

“It does cause me anxiety about where everything’s going to go,” says Jodee. “I don’t want to keep renting out storage units.”

Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin McGraw, says she has a solution to help Jodee and Charlie resolve their clutter problem. Watch the video above to find out what – and who – she recommends for the job.

This episode, “Help! Our Home is One Big Storage Unit!” airs Wednesday.

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