Suzanne’s 35th high school reunion is just weeks away, and she says she wants to attend the event looking youthful. “I’ve had a couple challenging years, and I don’t want to wear my stress,” asserts the 53-year-old who says she’s hoping to see her high school crush.

As the youngest of seven siblings, Suzanne says she always considered herself to be “the young one,” but now she sees “a lot of unwanted lines and wrinkles.” Suzanne says she wrote in to Dr. Phil because she heard Robin has a new skincare line. Robin is the creator of Robin McGraw Revelation, a lifestyle brand with a mission to encourage women to believe it is not selfish to put themselves first.

“Robin looks amazing, and I aspire to take care of myself like Robin does,” says Suzanne.

In the video above Robin tells her “I know how important making a good impression can be. Especially when you’re going back to meet this crush you had. And I believe the first step is to focus on your skin.”

Suzanne is also introduced to acclaimed dermatologist, Dr. Jessica Wu, Chief Medical Advisor for Robin McGraw Revelation. Dr. Wu has partnered with Robin in the development of her signature line: Robin McGraw Revelation Luxury Skincare Collection. The line recently celebrated a global launch and expansion with 14 new product offerings, including instant favorites, Welcome Back YOUth Retinol serum, Vita-Boost vitamin infusion, and Hydra Qwench moisturizer; among others.

“I think to make sure that she looks her best and feels her most confident, that all she needs to do is a simple two step routine,” says Dr. Wu. Watch the video above now to see which products Dr. Wu recommends to Suzanne.

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