Jackie is a quadruplet who says she has distanced herself from her siblings, Maria, Liz, Nick, and their parents, Tom and Christine, who divorced when the quads were 6. “My family is filled with sadness, rage, and craziness,” she says. “It’s always uncomfortable to be around them.”

Jackie says she used to be close with her sisters, but things have changed since she moved out of their father’s house. “I can’t have a conversation with Maria. When I do hear from her, she’s yelling,” she says. “Liz is in a really bad spot. Right now, every time I see her – she looks like a sad ghost.”

Jackie moved out months ago, saying that living at her father’s house was chaotic and stressful. “I feel bad, but I’ve got to work on myself – I have to,” she says, noting that she doesn’t want to interact with parents or siblings until her family’s problems are solved.

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