Gracelyn, 24, says she has had a years-long struggle with anxiety and depression. She claims she was sheltered while growing up and that because of this, she failed to acquire basic life and social skills, which has affected all aspects of her life.

I feel like everybody else knows what they’re doing, and I have absolutely no idea,” says Gracelyn. “I got out into the world, and it’s kind of overwhelming.”

Gracelyn says she started having sex as a young teenager, and now she engages in negative self-talk, has trouble sleeping, and sometimes cries uncontrollably for days. She says that even though she managed to graduate college, she can’t keep a job. Gracelyn says she wants to learn how to manage her anxiety and become productive, but she simply does not know how.

Part one of this two-part episode, “Inside America’s Teen Mental Health Crisis," airs Tuesday.

And later, when Dr. Phil offers to set Gracelyn up with some help, does she accept?

Then, watch Wednesday’s conclusion, “A Teen’s Near Fatal Decision,” as Dr. Phil talks with a former varsity cheerleader who says her secret struggles with anxiety and depression almost ended her life.

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If you or someone you know are experiencing a mental health emergency, call or text the National Suicide & Crisis lifeline by dialing 9-8-8, or reach out to to chat.

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