Sixteen years after authorities liberated her from a bedroom closet where her mother and stepfather forced her to live from the age of two until she was eight; a now 23-year-old Lauren says she continues to experience flashbacks to the torture of her childhood. A childhood which, according to Lauren, included countless beatings, psychological and sexual abuse, and starvation.

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As a young adult, Lauren says she still finds it extremely difficult to move past the trauma and sometimes blames herself for the abuse she suffered. “I feel like I could have run away when I had the chance, or just did different things.”

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Lauren says after growing up, she was tormented after she enrolled in college. “Some players on the football team read my story, and they made fun of me and bullied me and harassed me because of it.” Lauren says the coach apologized to her for his student’s behavior, but the football players only faced a minor suspension. “I was pretty upset that they only got to miss a couple of games and I’m in my dorm room not able to come out ‘cause they’re still harassing me.”

She says she “shut down.”

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Now a college graduate, Lauren opens up about her continued struggles and her triumphs on a special two-part Dr. Phil this Wednesday and Thursday.

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