An estimated 50-thousand people worldwide have elected to receive microchip implants. Some of these chips allow you to pay with your hand, open your car or house door, store your medical information in case of emergency, and much more.

Anastasia says she is a cyborg magician, transhumanist, and biohacker who currently has 47 implants, 32 of which are microchips and several magnets.

“Some people think this is really weird, but I feel like I have superpowers,” says Anastasia. She says she believes that microchipping could be the wave of the future. “As people learn more about microchips and see all the conveniences they can bring into their lives, I think more and more people will be more comfortable with it.”

Watch the video above as Anastasia shows Dr. Phil and viewers exactly what some of her microchip implants do.

This episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“I Got Chipped’: Are We Ready for Technology Under Our Skin?” airs Tuesday. And later, Anastasia says that two years ago, one of her microchip implants cracked. Did it do any damage? Plus, Dr. Phil reveals whether – or not – he would ever get a microchip implant.

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