Niki says she’s a heroin addict who uses five or six times every day. She also says she’s eight months pregnant, and admits, aside from one ultrasound after an overdose; she’s had no prenatal care.

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In the video above, she says “My hope is that I can get clean and that the baby is born healthy.” She also says she wants to take care of her child.

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Niki’s boyfriend, Jessey, says, “I feel like I would be a great dad because I have two previous kids - and I was never there for them.”

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Jessey and Niki both say they hope Niki’s mom, Sharon, will take the baby if they can’t care for the child.

On Thursday's show Niki learns from a special guest that her baby is at high risk for being born addicted to heroin; and what she’ll need to do to ensure the child has every possible chance of a healthy outcome. But, will Niki commit to getting clean? It’s a stirring conclusion to this two-part Dr. Phil.

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