Claire says she’s been arrested four times and is currently serving probation for a fourth-degree felony shoplifting charge. She says she’s terrified that if she doesn’t stop, she’ll end up in prison.

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“I absolutely can see what I’m doing. I have insight into it. I can see that it’s wrong,” says the stay-at-home mom of four.

While Claire admits she can afford to buy the things she steals, she claims she’s addicted to shoplifting because it gives her an adrenaline rush and a feeling of power. “I feel like I’m above the law, and above – like – I don’t have to pay for that – I can get things that I want.”

Her husband, Chris, says he’s bailed Claire out of jail each time she’s been arrested saying, “I love her. She’s the mother of my kids. I’m there to support her – for better or worse.” But, he says he feels powerless and angry that Claire has taken their children with her when she shoplifts.

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