“Right now I feel like I’m caught between two Brittanys,” asserts Jeramie.

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Declaring that his ex-wife, Brittany (sometimes referred to as “B1”), failed as a wife and mother, Jeramie says his current girlfriend, Brittney (sometimes referred to as “B2”), is a good housekeeper and a great stepmother to his kids.

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“I will say with ‘B2’ in the house right now, I do think it makes a good family unit. The kids are definitely tuned-in and we generally don’t have any issues at the house that can’t be resolved.”

Jeramie says he knows that “B2” would love to be his wife but he’s still “not fully over ‘B1’,” and wants to be with the mother of his children.

“If we can’t find a way to work through our issues, I will be with ‘B2’,” says Jeramie in the video above.

Tune in Wednesday to find out how the two Brittanys say they feel.

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