Layne and her husband, Jacob, are the parents of three daughters, ages 5, 6, and 12. Both work outside the home, and Layne says, because of their schedules, Jacob does the bulk of both the grocery shopping and meal preparation.

“I feel like I’m slacking in the cooking department,” says Layne, noting that she feels bad that Jacob carries the cooking load. Layne says she would love to pitch in - if only fixing dinner wasn’t so time-consuming. “My goal is to find something that is going to be affordable, delicious, and quick for my family,” she adds.

Dr. Phil’s son, Jay McGraw, has partnered with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to help solve this problem. Their company, Tiller & Hatch, offers frozen pressure cooker meals that are easy-to-cook and reasonably priced, so Lane can make her family of five a nutritious, time-saving dinner starting at around $12 per meal!

“There’s no prep, there’s no chopping – they’re super simple,” says Tiller & Hatch spokesperson, Brandi Milloy.

Tiller & Hatch frozen meal bags are available at Walmart and Target. Or, order for delivery from the Tiller & Hatch website.