Theresa says everyone blames her for being a bad mother to 16-year-old Tessa, who she claims has been violent and manipulative for years.

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“When you have a child that is out-of-control, the normal means of parenting do not work,” she says.

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“I feel like my mom could have raised us a little better,” says Tessa, claiming she sometimes feels like she and her twin brother are not “as good as we could be.”

Continuing, Tessa says, “I do not think my mom should have had kids if she wasn’t going to take the responsibility of being a parent.”

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Theresa says she’s frustrated and has “had enough from Tessa.

Watch the video above to learn why Dr. Phil says that Theresa and Tessa may be triggering one other.

Part one of this two-part episode airs Thursday. Check here to find out where you can watch.


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