Pamela says she believed she and ex-husband Pete were happily married for 17 years.  At least, she claims, until 2011, when he met massage therapist and life coach Lori while attending a couples retreat without her.

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Pamela says Pete, a former Catholic priest, and licensed counselor, told her at first; Lori was consulting with him as a business professional. She says he even had her cut checks to Lori out of funds from the family business. Later on, says Pamela in the video above, Pete told her he wanted a divorce.  “I felt like an atom bomb had been dropped on me.”

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“With Lori, I have a team-mate. I have a partner who I don’t feel is just sucking the life out of me,” says Pete.


Pamela claims Pete is a sex-addict and a liar who cheated on her before leaving her to marry Lori.  She accuses Pete of abandoning not only her but their two sons, Joseph and Peter Jr. Peter Jr. died in March 2016 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Now Pamela and Pete each blame the other for contributing to their son’s suicide. This gripping two-part Dr. Phil airs Monday and Tuesday.

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