Rendy says she always knew that her mother had used an anonymous donor to conceive her, but when she learned the man’s identity, she was shocked.

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“Five years ago, I did a commercial DNA test to find out more about my heritage,” she says. Rendy says she started seeing the name Davis popping up over and over on her family tree and soon realized that her mother’s fertility doctor, Gary Davis, was also her biological father.

WATCH: ‘I Completely Lost My Identity,’ Says Woman Of Learning Fertility Doctor Was Her Biological Father

“It changed the whole narrative of the story that I had believed my whole life,” she says, adding, “I felt like my mom had been violated.”

Dr. Davis died a few years after Rendy learned his identity. The two never met.

She says her mother, on learning what happened, called it a “bait and switch.”

What is Rendy’s response when Dr. Phil asks, “Are you glad you found out, or would you rather have never known?”

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