Sheka claims her ex-boyfriend, Erik, is a “master of manipulation” and a “fraud” who lied to her about everything. She says, as someone who has experience as an investigator, she used her research skills to uncover his past.

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“I found out I was just one of a dozen women he had conned,” she claims.

WATCH ‘I Don’t Like The Hurt That It Causes,’ Claims Man Who Admits He’s Been Lying As Long As He Can Remember

“I credit Sheka 100% for blowing the whistle,” says Tiffany who has a child with Erik, and was in a relationship with him from 2011 – 2013. Tiffany also claims that Erik is a “fraud” and a “con man” who lies.

Erik admits he’s been lying to others as far back as he can remember but says Sheka is also a liar.

When Erik claims that Sheka created profiles online to warn others to stay away from him, does Sheka admit to it? What else does he claim Sheka lied to him about?

Plus, find out what Erik’s mother, Jody, says about her son’s behaviors.

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