“I was called on to a mission in 2006, and I just surrendered and embraced,” says Amy. “My angels told me that I had to go serve humanity and that I had to give up everything. I did that.”

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She says she left behind three children and now runs the organization Love Has Won.

“I am bringing peace to the planet. That’s my role. It’s my job. And I’ll do whatever it takes,” says Amy, who claims she has healed people of cancer with the “power of love” and can produce miracles, “kind of like Jesus.”

WATCH: ‘My Sister Is Running A Cult With A Bunch Of Followers,’ Woman Claims; Sister Denies Accusation
Amy also claims she has lived multiple lives. “I was Marilyn Monroe, Joan of Arc, Jesus,” she says. “I fully remember being hanged on the cross as Jesus.”
In the video above from an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Monday, watch some of Amy’s behavior. How does she explain it?
Amy’s sisters and mother claim Amy is a cult leader and possibly mentally ill; allegations which Amy denies. They share their story on Monday. And on Tuesday, meet the family of a follower who claims he was left for dead by Love Has Won; an accusation which the group contends is false. Check here to see where you can watch.

According to media reports, “Mother God” - the spiritual leader of the group “Love Has Won” - was found dead and mummified in a mobile home in their Colorado headquarters on Wednesday, April 28. Amy Carlson, 45, reportedly had been dead for weeks, was in a sleeping bag and adorned with Christmas tree lights, glitter makeup and her eyes were missing. Seven group members have been taken into custody.