Sandy says that six months ago her 22-year-old son, Dylan, brought an AR15 and a Glock 9-millimeter to a house party. He claims two alleged gang members took the guns and threatened to kill him.

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“Him being at that party with guns is another example of him being immature and naive in the ways of the world,” says Sandy. She claims the incident “ramped up” the depression, anxiety, and panic attacks Dylan was already experiencing since the death of his best friend, Bryce, two years ago.

“I get flashbacks every day, just walking in the room and seeing him,” says Dylan, adding, “I have a ton of anxiety, and I have panic attacks all the time.”

Sandy says her son is emotional, explosive, works sporadically and isolates in his room. Her husband, Thomas, claims Dylan is using his friend’s death as a “crutch” to justify being lazy, disrespectful, and abusive.

“It’s like the train derailed and it’s not getting back on,” says Dylan. He says he gets angry with his mother and stepfather for pushing him to do things he’s not ready for.

Why does Dylan say he feels like he’s a burden on his parents?

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