Forty-seven-year-old Adam says he’s never been in a relationship. His friends, Nick and Byron, say they’re baffled as to why he’s still single, but Kendra, who he met at a BBQ last year, admits she immediately put him in the “friend zone” because he came on a bit “too strong” for her.

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Adam asserts he’s dated plenty of women but says Dr. Phil is his only hope to help him figure out why he hasn’t been able to find a girlfriend.

WATCH: Woman Says She Put Potential Date In The ‘Friend Zone’ Because He Came On ‘Too Strong’

Dr. Phil says he needed to see Adam “in action” and so enlisted five single women to meet up with him for a round of speed dating. Each woman got five minutes to get to know him.

“I got a vibe that he was just telling me what I wanted to hear and I didn’t feel like I could trust him,” says Tracey, a 40-year-old nurse of her first impression of Adam.

What did Adam’s other dates have to say about their five minutes with the life-long bachelor? Do any of them say they’d go out with him again?

Watch the video above to find out what Dr. Phil says he observed about Adam’s dating and communication style, then check here to find out where you can see more from this episode.

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