Cheryl Hunter says she was 18, when, on the day she arrived in the South of France to pursue her dream of becoming a model, she was kidnapped, drugged, and repeatedly beaten and raped by two strangers.

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“The only way I could cope was I just looked away and pretended it wasn’t happening,” she says of the two-day ordeal.

WATCH: Former Model Who Says She Survived Assault As A Teen Reveals What Prompted Her To Finally Speak Out

Cheryl says that after 2 days, the men responsible for the attack cut her hair, drove her away from where they had been keeping her, and dumped her on a roadside outside a town in the French countryside.

“I waited until the car was gone, looked around, and I got up and ran for my life,” she says in the video above.

Watch Thursday’s Dr. Phil to hear more of Cheryl’s story, and what she says prompted her to share her ordeal with others after remaining silent about the abduction and assault for years.

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Cheryl Hunter is a life coach, media expert, public speaker, and author of two best-selling books, “Use It: Turn Setbacks Into Success,” and “How To Get Unstuck: 7 Steps To Bounce Forward When Life Knocks You Down” are available wherever books are sold.

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