Bobby claims his ex-wife, Andrea, “ruined” his life by cheating on him throughout their marriage. Andrea admits she cheated on Bobby, but only once. She says cheating on Bobby was “stupid” and that it happened at a low point in her life. The former couple split up two years ago, and now share custody of their 6-year-old son.

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Andrea claims Bobby constantly insults her, calls her names and tries to turn their son against her. In the video above, Dr. Phil reads some of the hostile text messages Bobby has sent to Andrea.

“I could have been mad,” admits Bobby. “I guess I’m just trying to hurt her.” On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Bobby comes face-to-face with Andrea’s current boyfriend, Jordan, for the first time. Can Dr. Phil helps these parents get down to the root of what’s causing all of the bad blood so they can put their child’s well being first?

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