“My relationship with my daughter Taylor, right now, is broken and in turmoil,” says Susan. “Taylor’s making me sound a lot worse than I really am.”

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Susan claims she’s a devoted mother to Taylor and her younger siblings and that she’s made many sacrifices raising them as a single mom.

“My husband committed suicide 14 years ago. I had no life insurance,” Susan shares. “I think that that’s where a lot of it starts is that suicide. I have devoted, literally, 14 years of everything that I’ve had to those kids.”

Taylor, however, claims her mother made her life a “living hell.” She claims growing up, their house was filled with feces, garbage, fleas, empty pantries, and that they moved 16 times. She says she escaped the filth when her mom kicked her out after seeing one of her Instagram posts – an accusation Susan denies.

“I’ve had it with being attacked by Taylor,” Susan says. “I’m not here to bring up everything in the past. I think it’s ridiculous that we have to be here on the Dr. Phil show to fix this.”

In the video above, see what happens when Taylor confronts her mother. And on Thursday’s episode, see how Susan responds when Dr. Phil questions her. Then, on Friday, a voice from Susan's past says he wants to set the record straight. And, hear what Susan's younger children have to say. Plus, Susan allows cameras in her home. What do they find?

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