Steve says that his military service and work have always been his passions – and his personal relationships, including his marriage to Peggy, have always taken a backseat. Steve says that because of that, there’s no romance or sex in their relationship, which has caused major issues in their 13-year union.
“We didn’t have sex on our wedding night. We never consummated the marriage,” Steve says. “I am cold-hearted. I’m analytical. I have no desire for sex. I’m ashamed of it.”

Steve claims one of the main issues contributing to problems in their relationship is Peggy’s anger. “Her anger progresses to rage and progresses to physical and emotional abuse,” Steve says, adding that his wife has hit him, knocked his glasses off his face while driving, and hit him one time and drew blood. “This just makes me not want to have sex with her even more.” 
Hear how Steve claims Peggy behaves during their arguments in the video above. Why does he say he puts up with the way she treats him?
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'My Lying Husband Refuses to Consummate Our 13-Year Marriage,'" hear what Peggy says about their relationship – and their marriage. Plus, Dr. Phil and Robin have a serious conversation with the couple about their behavior toward one another. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Woman Says She Hasn’t Had Sex With Husband Once During 13-Year Marriage

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