Taylor says growing up, she was known throughout the Midwest for her dance abilities. She says that when she was 18, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in dance – but it was a “disaster.”

“I had a really low self-esteem because when I moved to L.A. I sucked compared to everybody,” Taylor says. “It ruined me. It spiraled pretty quick with the binging, the purging, and the laxatives.”
Taylor says she moved home with her mother and started making changes, including going to therapy, where she claims she started to have a PTSD memory. “All of a sudden, I started screaming and crying and dropped to the floor, and it was like a movie flashing before me. This memory of my dad sexually abusing me as a little girl,” Taylor says.

Taylor’s father, Larry, vehemently denies the allegations.
“I’m trying to figure out how to be in this world. I just feel guilty for being alive. I’m so confused,” the now 32-year-old says. “I feel like an 8-year-old little girl in an adult world.”
Dr. Phil asks Taylor, “When you say you’re overwhelmed and consumed, that you’re hopeless, anxious and depressed, what about?” Hear her response in the video above.
On Monday’s episode, "My Spoiled Daughter Falsely Accused Me of Sexual Abuse," hear what Taylor’s mother says about her daughter’s behavior. Then, on Tuesday, "What’s Behind Taylor’s Alleged Flashbacks?," Dr. Phil questions if mother and daughter may have a dysfunctional relationship, which could be preventing Taylor from healing. And, Larry insisted on taking a polygraph to prove his innocence. See what the results reveal. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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