Kimberly claims her sister Danielle’s daughter was born addicted to drugs, was neglected and weighed only 37 lbs. when the child came to live with her at age 6.

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Danielle denies the allegations, claiming that even though she was on drugs, she never neglected her daughter. “Because of Kimberly, I have not been able to physically see or hold my daughter in over a year and a half,” says Danielle.

WATCH ‘Though I Was Using Drugs, I Was Never Neglectful,’ Claims Mom Of 8-Year-Old

Her boyfriend, Nick, claims they’ve been sober for a while, and are now stable enough to take care of their daughter. “We have a roof over our head, food in our belly, and we’re getting our family together,” he says.

Kimberly disagrees. She claims Nick and Danielle don’t have jobs and have done nothing to meet the court’s requirements for getting their daughter back.

“What’s even worse,” she claims, “They’re living in a homeless shelter with a newborn baby, also born to addiction.”

Kimberly says she was granted custodial guardianship of her niece in 2017. Watch the video above to see her response when Danielle and Nick accuse her of “stealing” their child.

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