Dominick admits he is verbally abusive toward his girlfriend, Rebecca, and that he has hit her in the past.

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Rebecca says she is sometimes fearful of Dominick and his angry outbursts, but also says he is the love of her life.

WATCH: ‘No Sane Person Puts Their Own Head Through A Wall,’ Says Mom Of Son’s Angry Outburst

“I have talked to so many victims of domestic violence that started out exactly like you guys are right now,” says Dr. Phil in the video above

After watching a montage of past guests speaking out about their experiences with domestic violence, how does the couple respond?

On Monday’s episode, Dominick says he loves Rebecca and wants to change. He says he blames his angry outbursts in part, on a brain lesion that was diagnosed when he was 5. When Dr. Phil sends Dominick to see Neuroradiologist Dr. Bradley Jabour for a comprehensive look at his brain, what does Dr. Jabour find?

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To learn more about the cycle of violence, visit When Georgia Smiled and click on the Aspire Curriculum, a free, online education initiative aimed at reducing domestic violence, instilling the importance of bystander responsibility, and offering strategies and practical solutions for a safe exit.

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