Tatiana says from ages 6-25, her father forced her to do drugs so he could physically and sexually abuse her. At 12 years old, Tatiana claims her father pulled her out of school and started sexually assaulting her every single day.

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“As a result of my father sexually abusing me, I was pregnant a total of four times with one abortion,” Tatiana says. “I have three children with my father.”

The young woman says she was 16 when she became pregnant for the first time – and the abuse continued through the pregnancies.

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“When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, I was about seven months pregnant, and he tied my hands behind the chair, put a bag over my head and just suffocated me. I felt like I died and I came back,” Tatiana says.

In the video above from Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear how Tatiana says her children changed her life. And on Friday, hear how she finally escaped her father’s abuse after 19 years. Check here to see where you can watch.

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'Where Was Your Mother?' Dr. Phil Asks Woman Who Was Sexually Abused By Father And Gave Birth To Three Of His Children