Troy says his fiancée, Kristina’s, mother and half-sister don’t like him – and he has “no idea why.” 

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“I haven’t done anything wrong,” Troy says, adding that he’s only met them a few times, and they’ve been brief interactions. He says that the one time, Dawn came to visit, Kristina had words with her mom and Troy had to ask her to leave. “She then jumped up with the baby in my arm and chest bumped me like a man in a bar and said, ‘I’ll beat both your asses.’”
Dawn and Kristina’s half-sister claim Troy is controlling and keeping Kristina from them.

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“I can take it if they don’t like me as a person, but it’s affecting Kristina and my daughter. Those are the two most important things about me. When they’re hurt, I’m hurt,” Troy says. “I never want to be the reason that Kristina ever looks back and regrets anything.”
In the video above, see what happens when Troy comes face-to-face with Dawn on Dr. Phil’s stage.
On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil examines some of the complaints Dawn has made against Troy. What does he say about them? Check here to see where you can watch.