Five years ago, Raegon cheated on her husband, Steve, with his best friend, Craig. Since then, she says her daughter, Maya, has become irrational, uncontrollable and has even made a suicide attempt.

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“I honestly think she did it for attention, or to hurt me or to make me feel bad,” says the mother of four.

“It seems like my mom was mad at me for attempting because she made comments that she was upset that she had to pay the ambulance bill,” claims Maya, who says her first of two suicide attempts was in 2015 when she was in the eighth grade. “I was in a really bad place, balancing school and my crazy home life.”

“To this day, my mom still doesn’t take it seriously,” she says, adding, “I told her, her relationship with Craig was why I did it.”

Maya says her father spent the night in the hospital with her, but her mother didn’t show up at all. Why does Raegon say she stayed away?

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