Since 6-year-old Lauren was stabbed to death by mom, Allison’s, (then) boyfriend, David, five years ago, Allison says her surviving children have found their own ways to cope with the loss.

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“When she’s not being forced to talk about it, it’s like it didn’t happen,” says Allison of Lauren’s twin in the video above. But Lauren’s older brother, she says, had a tougher time after Lauren died; blaming himself for years. She says he tells her he wishes that he had “done something” that day. “We just keep telling him that ‘you did exactly what I would want you to do, and you stayed safe.’”

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The grieving mom says she worries about how the traumatic experience will affect the children as they get older. “I hope they don’t lose hope. I hope they keep trying for happiness and love.”

As for herself, Allison says she feels like she has been “divided in two” since Lauren died.

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On Friday’s Dr. Phil, Allison reveals what she claims David told her about his past in the days before Lauren was violently killed.

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