“I intentionally murdered my wife,” says Robert.
He claims that he and his wife of 17 days had engaged in rough sex when her death occurred. “I realized immediately after that she had been choked to death,” he says. “Allyson’s manner of death was initially determined to be accidental. The truth is that it was homicide.”

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Robert claims that at the time of his wife’s death, he was having an emotional affair with another woman and that this woman told him how to “trick the medical examiner’s office.”

In the video above, hear what Robert claims he did to make it look like his wife’s death was accidental.

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Robert says he should be handcuffed and charged with a crime. But he claims the police won’t touch him because he comes from wealth, privilege, and power – and can get away with murder. What does Dr. Phil think about that? Check here to see where you can watch Monday’s episode.