Nikki says that her father, Tano, was her protector. She claims that after he was killed in a stand-off with police when she was 10, her older sister, Daria began to abuse her daily.

Tell Dr. Phil Your Story: Huge Family Fight?

“The fights escalated because my dad wasn’t there as a buffer anymore,” she says.

“The fights were bad. I just could not take being in the same room with her,” says Daria. She says that one time after she threw water at Nikki, her sister came at her with a knife.

Watch ‘He Promised That He Would Come Home That Night,’ Says Woman Who Saw Her Father Die In Stand-Off With Police

The sisters, who both say they suffer with mental health issues, have been estranged for five years. When Dr. Phil says, “I would think you would have compassion for others that are dealing with the same things,” how do they respond?

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