Four years ago Shaela was married with two kids, and working as a school counselor. Then, following a medical emergency, her mother, Sandra, says Shaela wound up divorced, jobless, and then lost her home and her children.

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Sandra says she and her husband, Bobby, have been helping to support Shaela ever since.

Now living alone in an RV, which Sandra says she purchased for Shaela, Sandra claims her daughter is a “completely different person,” but Sandra’s younger daughter, Sara, says that’s not true.

Claiming that Shaela has always been “all about the drama and making things about her,” Sara also claims that their mother enables Shaela, which Sandra denies. Sandra asks, “If it’s mental illness and she can’t help it, then am I enabling? Can you enable mental illness?”

Sara says that she has no desire to be around what she calls her sister’s “crazy” behavior. “I just finally got to a point with Shaela where I just had enough and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to completely cut her out of mine and my children’s life,” she says. “I do miss having a relationship with her – I just don’t know if it’s possible.”

Shaela’s family says her “off the wall” behaviors aren’t just self-destructive, but destructive to others as well. Shaela says she just wants to be well and needs to be able to live in an environment that’s “tolerable.”

Does Dr. Phil propose a solution that Shaela will agree to? Tune in to Thursday’s episode.

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